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The Truth About COVID-19

Sometimes the truth is hard to hear. But not knowing the truth has consequences. Hear the first-person perspectives from Utahns just like you whose lives have been impacted by COVID and what we can learn before it’s too late.

With his illness and inability to fight off infection, a cold is not a cold for us.

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Shelly Wenzbauer
High School Biology Teacher

When her husband was diagnosed with Leukemia, COVID wasn’t the only thing she needed to protect him from.

Until we can get our children vaccinated, it’s our responsibility, vaccinated or not, to wear masks around the kids. We need to advocate for those who can’t advocate for themselves.

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Monica Miles 
Owner and Director of The Buddy Bin 

When outbreaks started to happen at her childcare facility, everything went into a time out. 

I know what I could handle. I’m not sure what my mom or dad could.

Dorian Cochran  
Property Services Supervisor 

He’s confident he could survive COVID, but not confident he could survive the guilt of getting someone he loves sick. 

52 children are dying every single month in the U.S. What’s going to happen when it’s your child, grandchild, nephew or niece?

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Erika Tse
Certified Pediatric Physician Assistant 

As a medical professional, without an 80% vaccination rate, she predicts we’ll be on a COVID loop for years. 

“Even with my wife’s horrible vaccine reaction, she was the first to push me to take it.

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Brian Dressen 

A vaccine reaction landed his wife in the hospital. It also landed him on trusted sources to understand the benefits over the risks. 

I had a fever and went to the emergency room. They did the PICC line in my arm and that was the last thing I remember.

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Etienne Carignan 
Husband and father of four 

COVID put him in a coma. The long-term side effects he now suffers include a medical bill for over $1M. 


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