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Where To Get It

The COVID-19 vaccine is available to all individuals 5 years of age and older. Boosters are now available to certain people who received the Pfizer vaccine. Visit Salt Lake County Health Department for more information.

Option 1:

SLCoHD Immunization Clinics

  • Walk-ins Welcome
  • No Appointment Necessary

Option 2:

Private Providers

  • Visit VaccineFinder and enter your zip code
  • Locate your preferred provider
  • Visit the provider website
  • Follow their instructions to schedule your appointment


Find This Week’s Free Vaccine Clinics
No appointment/registration required

Contact Salt Lake County Health Department

(385) 468-SHOT (7468)

When You Can Get It


All Utahns 5+

December 2020

  • First shipments of vaccine arrive
  • Healthcare personnel

January 2021

  • Long-term care facility staff & residents
  • First responders
  • Utahns 70+

February 2021

  • Utahns 70+
  • K-12 Personnel

March 2021

  • All Utahns 16+

May 2021

  • All Utahns 12+

November 2021

  • All Utahns 5+

Salt Lake County’s Current Vaccination Numbers


Partially Vaccinated


Fully Vaccinated


Total Vaccines Administered

Our goal is a minimum of 70% of Utahns’ immunized to reach herd immunity.

Complete CDC Vaccine Data >

How It Works

How the Moderna & Pfizer mRNA Vaccines Work

Pfizer and Moderna vaccines are based on mRNA technology. These vaccines do not contain any strain of the virus, nor do they affect your DNA. Instead, they trigger an immune response so your body produces its own antibodies to fight the virus.

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Scientists use the genetic sequence for the virus’ spike protein to synthesize an mRNA sequence.
mRNA cell icon
When you get vaccinated, the mRNA delivers instructions your cells use to make the spike protein.
mRNA Antibodies icon
The cell displays the spike protein on its surface, stimulating an immune system response in your body.

Based on the brand of vaccine you receive, after your first dose you will wait 21 or 28 days to receive your second dose. Fourteen days after the second dose, you are considered fully protected. If you do come in contact with the virus after 2 doses and the 2-week post-vaccine period, your antibodies will be up to 95% effective in protecting you against the virus.

Frequently Asked Questions >

Moderna & Pfizer Vaccines

dosage icon
Receive 1st
dose of vaccine
schedule icon
21-28 days
to receive 2nd dose
protect icon
14 Days After 2nd dose for up to 95% virus protection

How the Johnson & Johnson Vaccine Works

This is an adenovector vaccine, which uses double-stranded DNA to create an immune response in the body. Instead of using mRNA technology within the vaccine, the vaccine itself helps the body to produce its own mRNA to tell your cells to create harmless spike proteins. This triggers your immune system to produce antibodies that are now prepared to fight the harmful COVID-19 spike proteins if you come in contact with them. This type of vaccine has been around for years, most famously used to fight Ebola.

spike protein icon
An adenovector vaccine uses double-stranded DNA that carries the blueprint for the Coronavirus spike protein.
DNA cell icon
The vaccine delivers instructions your cells can use to replicate the spike protein.
DNA Antibodies icon
The cell displays the spike protein on its surface, stimulating an immune system response in your body.

This type of vaccine has its benefits, such as it only requires a single dose with full efficacy after 28 days. And it is much easier to store safely with standard refrigeration for up to 3 months and boasts an 72% effective rate to prevent severe and life-threatening symptoms, and full protection against hospitalization or death.

Frequently Asked Questions >

Johnson & Johnson Vaccine

dosage icon
Receive vaccine
(only one dose)
schedule icon
14 days
for immunity
protect icon
14 days for full efficacy

Vaccine Facts

  • According to new CDC guidance, if you are fully vaccinated, you can resume activities that you did prior to the pandemic.
  • To reach herd immunity, at least 70% of residents will need to take both shots and have the 14 days to reach full efficacy.
  • The more people who take the vaccine, the sooner life will return to normal.

Herd Immunity

Herd Immunity occurs when enough people become immune to a disease to make spread unlikely and help protect others who are not immune. This is most effectively achieved through vaccinations and continuing safety measures. Our goal is a minimum of 70% of Utahns’ immunized to reach herd immunity.

70% Salt Lake County’s Herd Immunity Goal
60% Salt Lake County Residents Currently Immunized
Herd Immunity Goal
vaccine doses

What to Know Before You Go

  • Register for an appointment
  • Wear loose upper clothing to make the injection site (upper arm) accessible
reminder record card

What to Know Post-Vaccination

  • You may experience side effects that could result in a day or two of down-time
  • Create a reminder and save the information regarding your second dose
  • Remember to continue to wear a mask, wash hands, and social distance

What People are Saying

Luz Escamilla

As someone who lost a loved one to COVID-19, being able to get vaccinated was not only a blessing but also a tribute to my loved one. When you have been fully vaccinated, you have the opportunity of beginning to do some of the things that you stopped doing due to the pandemic. The vaccine will help get us closer to normalcy. Please, do it for yourself, and do it for your loved ones—get vaccinated today.

– Senator Luz Escamilla

Sandra Hollins

I received the COVID-19 vaccine because I love my family and want to be around for them in the future.

– Representative Sandra Hollins

Corey H

Get the shot. It’s being a good neighbor! Let’s hug again.

– Pastor Corey J. Hodges

Doctor Testimonial

William Cosgrove

During my 35 years of practicing pediatrics, the most important service I was able to provide to thousands of children was the gift of immunizations, of educating and preparing their immune defenses, and protecting them from harm. The COVID-19 vaccine will rescue our community from the pain, death, and fear of this pandemic. We are all in this together, and as each of us gets vaccinated, we do our part in protecting our families and community.

– Dr. William E. Cosgrove, MD, Retired Pediatrician

Nurse Testimonial

Martie Nightingale

As a healthcare provider, mother, daughter, and endurance athlete, I knew a vital way to protect my family, our future health, my patients, and our community was to get vaccinated. For this reason, I celebrated receiving my COVID-19 vaccine, alongside other front-line healthcare providers who are now filled with hope!

– Martie S. Nightingale, CNM, DNP, Certified Nurse-Midwife, Intermountain Healthcare

Doctor Testimonial

Dorothea Verbugge

Right after receiving my first dose of COVID-19 vaccine, I signed up for the volunteer medical team to assist with vaccinations on my days off. We are so fortunate to have safe and effective vaccines so that we can all do our part to be vaccinated to emerge safely from this pandemic!

– Dr. Dorothea J. Verbugge, MD, Family Medicine

Doctor Testimonial

Tamara Sheffield

I have been working on pandemic planning for years and have closely watched the development and testing of the COVID-19 vaccines, realizing they are our best hope for wide-spread immunity. I am confident in the process that has been used to test the safety and effectiveness of these vaccines, and when I was told it was my turn, I jumped at the chance to be vaccinated. I look forward most to be close again, spending time with family and friends.

– Dr. Tamara Sheffield, MD, MPA, MPH – Medical Director, Community Health and Prevention, Intermountain Healthcare

Getting vaccinated was never a question for me. I don’t want to be the one to infect others. It’s been over a year since I’ve hugged my dad. Once we’re both fully vaccinated I’m going to give him the biggest hug!

– Representative Karen Kwan

Tiffany S

I can’t wait to get my vaccine. It feels like the last year was a year of lost opportunities—it feels like we’ve been on pause. This is the first step towards normalization and I’m so excited to press play on my life again!

– Tiffany S. – Salt Lake County Resident

Jeanetta W

The only way for us to beat this pandemic is to stay vigilant. I urge everyone to take the vaccination, continue wearing mask, social distancing, washing hands, disinfecting homes and using hand sanitizer. I took both of my vaccinations and had no side effects. Taking the vaccination, protects you and everyone around you. Stay safe.

– Jeanetta Williams — President, NAACP Salt Lake Branch & Tri-State Conference of Idaho, Nevada and Utah-Former Member, NAACP National Board of Directors.

This last year with COVID was difficult but thanks to advances in science I got to get vaccinated. It was like winning the lottery. It was quick, painless, and I had no side effects. I’m so happy to get vaccinated and do my part in bringing our families, communities, and country back together. Now you have a chance to do yours, please don’t wait to get vaccinated

– Margaret Yee, Chinese Railroad Worker Descendants Association Chairperson

John Y

I got my first vaccine as soon as I was eligible. It was at the Salt Palace downtown. I parked at City Creek Center and made my way through the front lobby with ease; I was waived right through and was getting my first shot within 10 minutes. I have to say it almost seemed too easy after all the build-up! The longest wait was the 15 minutes after when they asked me to wait in case of side effects, during which time I was able to schedule and confirm my appointment for my second shot. It all went well. I got the Moderna shot and had relatively few side effects; maybe a slight headache and my arm was a bit sore the next day. But that was it. I’m glad I did it when I could.

– John Y. – Salt Lake County Resident

The Utah Jazz have a real shot at an NBA Championship. Don’t throw away our shot to have a full arena cheering them on.

– Max Chang, 18-Year Utah Jazz Season Ticket Holder


As a legislator, I am used to hearing hours of debate before making some difficult policy decisions. Thankfully, one easy decision I made was getting the COVID-19 vaccine. No matter the shot you receive, the vaccine is safe and effective. Working with SL County during the early rollout of the vaccine to assist seniors was so impactful—witnessing sheer joy, relief, and hope for better days ahead. We live in a caring community and getting a vaccine will not only protect ourselves but will protect all Utahns. Let’s get Utah moving again! Get your vaccine today!

– Jani Iwamoto, Utah Senator, Minority Assistant Whip


Pacific Islanders have a higher rate of contracting COVID and of dying as a result; so my motivation to get the vaccine was very high. Since COVID, I developed agoraphobia, a fear of going outside and around too many people. My deciding factors to have the COVID vaccine were: 1 — that I did not want to get others sick that were vulnerable and that I care deeply about and 2 — getting peace of mind when going outside and being around people. I encourage every person to make an educated decision in what it’s right for them, I hope they come to the conclusion that being able to be around loved ones without getting them sick motivates them to take the vaccine, maybe it will bring peace of mind like it has for me.

– Susi Feltch-Malohifo’ou, CEO/Director, Pacific Island Knowledge 2 Action Resources (PIK2AR)

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