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The Truth About COVID-19

Sometimes the truth is hard to hear. But not knowing the truth has consequences. Hear the first-person perspectives from Utahns just like you whose lives have been impacted by COVID and what we can learn before it’s too late.

Berating, belittling, or making fun of folks for not getting vaccinated will get you nowhere.

Nick Arteaga
Chair of Genderevolution, Leader for TransAction, Utah Pride Center Adult Programs Manager

When his entire family refused to get vaccinated, he decided to flip the conversation to destigmatize misinformation.

Hesitancy is strong in the LatinX community because of misinformation – a lot from outside the US.

Nata Choi
Youth Programs Coordinator at Latino Behavioral Health Services

COVID is already a traumatic experience. For the emotionally and socially fragile youth at the Latino Behavioral Health Services, it’s worse.

He waited too long. He was so sorry about that.

Jennifer Lewis Long

Her husband died because he hadn’t ‘gotten around’ to taking the vaccine. She wants you to get around to it before it’s too late.

When I found out about that family member dying, I was devastated because they were young, they were early forties.

Meligha Garfield
Director of the Black Cultural Center – University of Utah

His community thought staying in would be enough to keep COVID away. It took a family member away instead.

Vaccination is so important. Vaccination is how we get back.

Pilar Davis
Production Manager and Lighting Designer – SLC Performing Arts

Arts and entertainment were how she processed the world; within 36 hours her whole world was stripped away.

As someone who has received the vaccine and who has undergone a mild case of COVID, that I would rather take a vaccine every week than go through COVID again.

Felicia Ellis
Special Education Teacher – Weber County

As a teacher and mother, she would do anything to protect children. Now she hopes everyone else will join that mission.

Getting the vaccine means you’re helping us all claim some of our previous life.

Lim Stanworth
Registered Nurse

A beloved nurse has her life-long career caring for others halted from COVID’s brutal aftermath.

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